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This is a site where I will discuss my family genealogy research and related history. When a blog deals with a particular family group, I will try to include it in the title so uninterested people can skip it without skimming it. It is my hope to get feedback on research methods, family members and historical context from other historians, genealogists, and researchers. (c) Barbara L. de Mare 2006, 2007

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Monday, June 25, 2007


My blog from yesterday disappeared into cyberspace, so I hope I have better luck with this one. This morning, while perusing my e-mail over my coffee, I noticed an entry from a Huguenot list labelled "Ferree" family. This immediately caught my attention, as Ferree would be (with an accent) the French way to spell "Ferry." I have no idea what the origins of mu paternal grandfather's family might be. I had never thought of Huguenot, but then thinking it didi not apply to me in any way, I had completely ignored everything which crossed my desk concerning the Huguenots who went to Ireland. I just recall that there were some. Now I will have to go back and read about them! DOes anyone have any thoughts on the subject?