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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ferry Family Ireland researcher

Dear Dr. Roulston: I have repeatedly reviewed the report which thanks to you I finally, after over 6 years, received in the above-captioned matter. However, it is very disappointing and once again appears to be a rush job. Particularly troubling is that a father is shown as born after his son. Unfortunately I figured this all out awhile ago when I did not have time to write to you. Nevertheless I will try to go through it again. I also think the researcher was researching the wrong person, i.e. John Ferrie not Richard Ferry, but can't tell for sure. The materials sent start with the church marriage certificate of Richard Ferrie and Eliza Jane, a widow. This information is correct and is my family. Eliza came to America as a small child with her family. Her maiden name is properly listed as Smith. She grew up, and while still living in New York married a man surnamed Lockhard (as properly set forth in the civil record of the marriage in the Cookstown Registrar's District.) One chid resulted from this marriage. Her true marriage name after her first marriage was Lockhard as shown clearly in the civil report of the marriage under "correction." Richard and Eliza Jane were married at the Albany Meetinghouse (Presbyterian) 7 September 1871. After her husband and child died, Eliza returned to Ireland and remarried, this time to an older man named Richard Ferrie. Once again she emigrated to the USA. This information I have from passenger lists. The next page of the "Ferry Report" shows the marriage of Richard and Eliza Jane. As in the church report of the marriage, each if their fathers is shown to be a John. Five children of the marriage are listed, the 4th of whom is James Alexander Ferry, born 6 December 1879. This is the correct date (I was born on his birthday). The date in the church record is incorrect. This page of the report repeats that Richard and Eliza Jane were married on 7 September 1871 at Albany Meetinghouse. It contains the information that Richard's grandfather was possibly another John Ferry, married to Ellen Rawlins. Now things really begin to fall apart. John Ferry and Ellen Rawlins are reported as having been married 27 May 1831, and their son John (Richard's father) born 14 July 1846. Eventually Eliza Jane (Smith) (Lockhard) Ferrie returned to New York with her new family, arriving here on the "State of Georgia" on May 23, 1889. Eliza Jane had first arrivied in New York on May 1, 1863, at the approximate age of 15 with her parents John Smith and Eliza (?) and her six siblings on the "Star of the West." Thus Eliza Jane Smith was born about 1847. Her parents were William Smith born c. 1824, and Eliza, born c. 1827. (Passenger records) Moving on to Eliza Jane's second marriage, we know it took place 7 September 1871 to Richard Ferrie, son of John Ferrie. According to the passenger ship records, Richard was then 45 and Eliza Jane 40. This particular list has all the children two years younger than shown in their birth and baptismal records. We don't know if the same was done to the parents. At any rate, Richard was born about 1842-44 and his wife Eliza Jane about 1847-49. The report goes on to say that John Ferry married Ellen Rawlins 27 May 1831, and that their son John (father of Richard) was born 14 July 1846. Using these dates, the descendants of John Ferry and Ellen Rawlins would be: John Ferry married Ellen Rawlins 27 May 1831 (Tullanskin Church of Ireland Baptismal Records) Their Son John born 14 July 1846 (Tullanskin Church of Ireland Baptismal Records) His son Richard born about 1842-44 (before birth of his father), married Eliza Jane (Smith) (Lockard), born: (c. 1847-1849 according to 1889 arrival records, 1827 according to 1863 immigration records) married 7 September 1871 Their son James Alexander Ferry born 6 December 1879 Barbara


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