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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Grandchildren Moved

My grandchildren moved last night--all the way to Seattle. I am totally heartbroken. The good news is for the readers of my blog; I should have time to write more frequently. I should also be able to find my files more easily as they can be spread out again to the whole upstairs, rather than crowded into my bedroom in piles everywhere. I just have to get out of my funk and work on it and all my genealogy projects. They keep coming! Two new projects I have added: I am DAR NYS vice-chairman for Lineage Research. That means I help registrars all over the state with applications. I have been doing it without a title and really enjoy it, as it has a beginning, an end, and the satisfaction of getting an approval. My other new project is being on the Board of Directors of the Phillips Family DNA project. I am secretary, newsletter editor, and DAR liaison. So far so good, but it is just getting off the ground. My hope is to eventually find the origins of our Phillips family. The earliest known ancestor is John, father of Daniel, Eli and Gilbert who all fought in the Revolution in the Orange County militia. No one has any real idea where John came from when he appeared in what is now Stony Point, Rockland County, New York. We know from Eli's Revolutionary War pension record that Eli was born in Philipse Manor, Westchester County, so John at least made a brief stop there.


Blogger rick2920 said...

I took the bait and after reading your comments in the Dutchess CO mail list, read your blog entry about your end-of-year saga. Your comments gave me pause, yet also made me thankful I wasn't in the car with you (smile). Not that I can remember what car you were in. Come to think of it, I'm not even sure as I round the corner from my abode, whether I left the garage door up or down. Anyway that was a great story. Fun to read. You certainly have a rich heritage of family history to keep you busy for a long time.
Regards, Rick

10:54 AM  

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