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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

JAMES AVERY (1646-1728) will

As promised, here is my transcribed copy of the will of James Avery, b. 15 Dec 1646 in Gloucester, Mass.; m. Deborah Stallion 20 Feb 1669/70 in New London, Conn.; d. 22 Aug 1728 in Groton, Conn. I tried to use the spelling and punctuation in the original. A ? means i absolutely could not read a word. Happy reading! Will of James Avery, Late of Groton, Probated 1733 #177 New London Probate District "In the Name of God Amen "I, James Avery, Last of Groton, being of Perfect Memory and understanding thanks be to God for it, Calling to mind the mortallitie of my body and knowing that it is Appoin- ted for all men Once to Dye, Doo make and ordaine this my Last will & Testament Revoaking all Othere and former Wills. "First and Princiblly I Give and Bequeath my soul to God that gave it. Beseaching him in Mercy to Receive itt for the meritts Sake and mediation of his Deare Son my Lord and only Savior Christ Jesus, my Body to the Ground, to be Decently Buried at the Discretion and Charge of my Executor= and what Estate as God in his mercy hath given mee I dispose of in Mannor and form following, when all my just Debts, and all the Debts which my som Ebenezer Avery hath allredy Contracted, for the use of our family, or Shall Contract for said use any time before my Departure out of this Life, are Paide and funerally Expences Discharged . . . . . . . . . . . . . . "Item: I Give to my son James Avery Jun'r, Besides what I have already given him, By Deed Bearing Eaven Date with this my Will, hee paying the Summs therein Mentioned, qnd Beside the Stock I have already Given him, my Loading ?, my Canne & Great Bible which was my Grandfather Averys and I Doo hereby order and it is my Will that my sd son James, Doo Pay to my five daughters Ten pounds A Piece & fifty Pound to Mr. Boroughs of Boaton according as I have obliged him in the Deed-- ? to him for his Portion of my Land "Item: Give Unto my son Edward Avery I having already Given him his portion of Land by a Deed, A seventh parte of my Arms as Guns & Swords "Item: I Give unto my son Christopher Avery Beside his Portion of my Land which I haveSettled on him by Deed, A Seventh Parte of myArms or Guns and Swords "Item: I give to my son Jonathan Avery, hee having had his portion in Lands by Deed already, a Seventh parte of my Arms or Guns & Swords, I also Give to my sd son & his heirs my Lot of Land at ?town which is not given him in his Deed sd "IItem: I Give unto my son Joseph Avery Beside what of Lands I have made over to him by Deed it being his portion in Lands, A seventh parte of my Arms, or Guns & Swords "Item: I Give to my son Benjamin Avery Besides his portion in Lands Settled on him by Deed a seventh Parte of my Arms or Guns & Swords. I also Give my sd son Benjamin three Cows two four year old ? and twenty Sheep "Item: I Give Unto my five Daughters Deborah Allyn, Margaret Morgan, Hannah Morgan, Sarah Lathan and Mary Morgan besides what I have formerly and moor Lately given then Twenty Pounds money, or as money Each of them, to bee paid them By my two sons James Avery and Ebenezer Avery I also Give to my sd five Daughters, to bee Equally Divided Amongst them ? Beds and Bedding belonging to the Beds and all my Pewter Brass and Iron Ware and to each of them A Silver Spone "Item: I Give unto my Seven Sons James, Edward, Ebenezer, Christopher, Jonatha, Joseph and Benjamin Avery the OLands at Pawgounck which I bought of Major Edward Palmer and also that Land which I Bought of ewonecoe, together with my Brothers & Sume other persons. I say all them Lands I give to my sd sons & theire heirs, to bee Equally Divided amongst them both for Quantyty & Quallity & to Each of them I Give a Silver Spoone. "Item: I Give unto my son Ebenezer Avery, in Land Beside what I have settled upon him by Deed, the half or part of A Trust for land lying in this town and at the head of South Plaime(?) which Land was given me by my honoredfather Capt. James Avery and to my sd Son & his heirs for Ever, alsoe I Give to my sd son Ebenezer Avery all my Stock of ?, cattle, horses, Sheep & Swine both what are at home on the farm and those thyat are out in othere ? ?, and all the rest of my moveable estate both within Doors * without not Disposed of before, I give to my sd son Ebenezer Avery, hee paying to my Loving wife Deborah Avery, fifteen Pounds money per annum Soo long as Shee remains my Widow , and also Let my sd wife, have the Use of one Room in my Dwelling House During her Widowhood & Shee to take her choice of rooms but afterward to revert & Return to my sd son Ebenezer & his heirs -- and also to find my sd wife her ? During her widowhood and give unto my Loving wife a feather bed and also all the furniture thereunto belonging and furthere my sd son Ebenezer Avery to Pay to my five Daughters Deborah, Margaret, Hanah, Sarah and Mary, to Each of them ? Pounds money, and all the payments to be made by my sd son Ebenezer to my sd Daughters within five years after my Decease and Liekwise I Doo Constitue, appoint, make and ordain my sd Son Ebenezer Avery my Sole Executor of this my last will and Testament rattifying and confirmingthis and noe othere to bee my last will & Testament and furthere by this my Will I do grant Libortty to all my Sons, to Sell or Exchange theire lands on or to or with an othere not withstanding the Entailments by theire Dower all ?. And in Testimony I havehereunto set my hand and seal in Groton the fifteenth day of March Anno Domine onr thousand seven hundred & seventeen . . . . . . . . . "Signed, Sealled, Pronounced & Declared to bee the Last Will & Testament of James Avery Senr James Avery L.S. in Presence of us. . . . . . . Samuel Avery John Avery"


Anonymous Barbara said...

same families as the Chappells and the Comstocks??? Have you ever looked at a copy of "Joshua Hempstead's Diary"? He was of New London, CT (1678-1758) and recorded many records having to do with the above named families as well as the Averys.

10:37 PM  
Blogger his gene, esq. said...

Hi Barbara,

Yes, I have a copy of Joshua Hempstead's Diary, and find it fascinating reading. I have gathered many facts from it. I do need to go back through on a quest to just enter information into my genealogy program. The first time through I was just intriqued by the story of his life.


7:54 AM  

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