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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

LEBBEUS HOWE and pensions on Footnote.com

A couple of years ago or more I found Lebbeus Howe's pension application on HeritageQuest. At the time I thought it was a magnificent find, but the more I saw of pension applications the more defective I thought it was. It contained only three pages. As most of you know, HeritageQuest can no longer be accessed at home by ordinary mortals. After 6 months of searching for another source for pension records without going to a NARA office with its shortened hours, or paying the national debt to obtain a copy, I found out about Footnote.com. I was also told that Footnote had the entire pension file available, not just the shortened form used by HeritageQuest. Last night I decided to check it out. Although it took me all night to print it out, and I had to search for both Libeus How and Lebbeus How to find the whole thing, it was a gold mine of information. Why pages 1 through 30 were separate from 31 through 51 I have no idea. Both parts were full of genealogical information. The birth, marriage, and death dates of Lebeus and his wife Anna Austin were positively identified through sworn depositions. The birthplace of Lebbeus was given as the town of Phillips in Dutchess (now Putnam) County. Anna Austin, his widow, was from the same place and testified she had known him most of her life. The various places the young couple lived after they were married are also described. As they primarily lived with Lebbeus' mother or one of his sisters, more names were identified in his family tree. The husbands of a couple of his sisters were also named. Further on in the depositions the names and birthdates of each of his own 13 children is listed together with the name of a son-in-law or two. Most interesting is the fact that his daughter Hannah married Micah Mead. I had ascertained from their tombstones that Hannah had married Micah, but this confirmed her identity as the daughter of Lebbeus and Anna. I also found the lack of literacy interesting to note. Most of my ancestors could read and write at least a century earlier than these.folk. Both Lebbeus and Anna signed their depositions with an "X," as did other family members. Their grandson James, however, was literate and had copied the family Bible when it was falling apart from overuse. He testified that he checked it carefully after copying it. I am left wondering who the ancestors of Lebbeus really were. Certainly they were not the Howes who lived in Orange or Montgomery County. Every census during his life shows Lebbeus in Fishkill, Dutchess County, New York. Prior to residing in Fishkill he lived in present day Putnam County. His widowed mother also lived in Fishkill. I am left with the conclusion that the ancestry I have of Lebbeus is most likely not based on fact. I found it first in my great Uncle Bill's family genealogy. I will have to go back and see what sources he used, but in general he used secondary sources. My other sources were other published genealogies. I now have to throw them all out and start over with Lebbeus in tracing the Howes. Back to Lebbeus is easily traced, as is his war record, for anyone who would like to join DAR through this line. I will have to get a supplemental now that I have done all this work. My interest, however, is to find out where he came from. Anyone have any ideas?


Blogger Lamb said...

Is there a typo here?

"Most interesting is the gact that his sister Hannah married Mical Mead. I had ascetained from their tombstones that Hannah had married Micah, but this confirmed her identity as the daughter of Lebbeus and Anna."

Sister or daughter?

Larry Lamb

11:41 AM  
Blogger his gene, esq. said...

Thanks for pointing out the typo. I have corrected it.

12:15 PM  
Blogger Lamb said...

Discovering that a maternal ancestor has an unusual first name like Parmer or Lebbeus ordinarily is a lucky break for genealogical research. “There could not have been many men named Lebbeus How in the early years of the republic,” I remember thinking. I was wrong. There were several, and they often lived near each other. In addition, names like Lebbeus invite misspelling, so it may appear as Libeas, Lebeas, Lebens and even – in digital records –Sibbeas, because Ls and Ss looked alike in the penmanship of some.

I am sharing the following information because the details of these Howes resemble so closely many of yours, and I suspect these families are related but don’t know how. Perhaps you or someone who reads this may know.

My research indicates that my Lebbeus How was born in Sharon, Litchfield, Connecticut, on Monday, 17 May 1779. I have not been able to determine his parents or their parents. He married Mary Evans (b. 18 May 1783) on Christmas Eve in 1798 in Litchfield. The 1800 census shows Lebbeus living in Sharon, apparently with a wife and daughter. At some point, they set up their household about 40 miles south of Sharon, near the present-day boundary between Dutchess and Putnam Counties in New York.

Mary and Lebbeus had seven children:
Cloch (perhaps Chloe) b. 28 Mar 1802.
Jenett b. 28 Feb 1804. Apparently an unmarried male. Listed as laborer in Carmel, Putnam, NY, in the 1850 census.
Charles b. 10 Oct 1806.
Pliana b. 24 Dec 1808. Married Alanson Ridgeway, b. 1803. Settled with him in Abington Twp, Luzerne County (now Lackawanna County), Pennsylvania.
Parmer b. 7 Jun 1810. A blacksmith. Married Julia Mead, b. 2 Dec 1810. In the 1830 US Census, he was in Kent, Putnam County, NY, (near Carmel) with wife and son under age 5. Moved in 1836 to Abington Twp, Luzerne County (now Lackawanna County), Pennsylvania. Parmer gave his birthplace as Fishkill, NY. D. 2 Apr 1892 when he was struck by a train in Factoryville, PA.
Tamer (also spelled Tamar) b. 24 Jun 1812. Appears to be a female who married a Ridgeway.
Harrison b. 10 Sep 1814. Married Cecelia.

Lebbeus died 2 Dec 1814, soon after the birth of Harrison. He was age 35 and succumbed to illness or injury incurred while a soldier in the War of 1812, which lasted until 1815. He was buried in Carmel. The 1820 census lists Polley How as a widow living in Carmel. At the time, Polly was used widely in New England as a nickname for Mary.

Descendants of Lebbeus and Mary How held annual reunions in and around Nicholson, PA, beginning about 1900, and brief reports of the events were published occasionally in newspapers, such as The Scranton Tribune-Republican.

5:07 PM  
Blogger his gene, esq. said...

I think I have come across the family in Sharon in my searching for my family. With a son named Charles in your group, it might be the family confused with mine in Johnson, Rogers Bruce. Ancestors of Margery Ruth Howe from Immigration to the Present Times 1630-2002, Volume II, Pedigrees of Charles Howe, Jane Ann Pettingell, Sewell Osgood. (Penobscott Press, 2004. Do you have access to this book? I copied the relevant portions in Salt Lake City.

Just checking the book again, I see that it lists children of Charles Howe and Elizabeth Reynolds as:
Tamazon, b. 25 May 1763
Chloe, b 2 Feb 1765
Sarah, b 24 April 1771
Elizabeth, b 20 March 1773
John, b 10 Oct 1775
Charles, Jr., b 20 Oct 1777
Lebbeus 5 Oct. 1781
Reuben, b 30 March 1786
Jonah, 22 June 1796

These children were allegedly all born in Florida, Montgomery County, NY. It seems to me there are some pretty big gaps, and a long span of childbirth for one wife. I question the accuracy of this work (as I think I have reported in this blog, it starts by confusing Florida, Orange County with Florida, Montgomery County. I can nevertheless send you what I have if you are interested, as the names match up well with yours.

I have spent many hours trying to work out the relationships of these Howes to each other. I know this group is not mine from the pension records which clearly show my Lebbeus spending his life in Dutchess County and married to Anna Austin. His children are tracked through burial records at Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery, etc., with my direct ancestor among them bearing the middle name of Austin (his mother's maiden name).

Any assistance you could give me would be appreciated.


7:34 PM  

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