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This is a site where I will discuss my family genealogy research and related history. When a blog deals with a particular family group, I will try to include it in the title so uninterested people can skip it without skimming it. It is my hope to get feedback on research methods, family members and historical context from other historians, genealogists, and researchers. (c) Barbara L. de Mare 2006, 2007

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Monday, July 23, 2007


Yesterday I broke down and did it--joined Footnote. With Heritage Quest no longer available, it seemed worth it just for the Revolutionary War pension records. Unfortunately the records are not yet complete, but FOR the one ancestor I did find, RICHARD DIKENS, Footnote has 57 pages of his application, not just the 12 that were available on Heritage Quest. I played with Footnote a bit, and found it quite easy to navigate. There is lots of good information there, and when the site is "finished" should be well worth the nominal price.



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