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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Picture organization

My newest organizational crises: how to store my photos. The photos of particular concern at the moment are those of tombstones. I have taken literally hundreds of tombstone photos. Some have been photographed several times due to failure to remember what is done and what isn't. The Phillips-Knapp cemetery, for example, is totally photographed as I have gone back many times to make sure I have it all. Mt. Rest is another cemetery I have photographed on various occasions. As it is a much larger cemetery (although still basically small) I am sure I have repeats. There are two basic times when I want to find photos: when visiting a cemetery and taking pictures, and when working with a particular file. At the moment I am going through some of my photos and entering the transcriptions on my database. I just grabbed some photos clipped together what what reason I know not. Now I can still identify the cemeteries, but that won't last forever. I need to at least label the backs. The bigger issue, however, is how to organize them. I have the digital photos on my computer fairly well organized. Of course after the lightning strike we took last Sunday some of them might be fried. Just today, Thursday, do we finally have all electricity, internet, telephone, and air conditioning restored. The air conditioner was fried as well the internet-telephone modem. My desk top and my server are questionable. The best photo organization is on the server. I tried to back them up on a 4 gb thumb drive awhile ago, but the file is too big. I did back up all the text on another 4 gig thumb drive. Fortunately I have most photos on CDs as well as the server, but of course not all of them. But I digress. What I am asking is for ideas on how to file printouts of my tombstone pictures. My only idea which meets my needs as set forth above is to have three copies of each--which is a lot of ink or probably better taken to a photo store. One copy would go in each individual file; one copy in a file for the cemetery, probably in alphabetical order with an index; and the final one in a file of all tombstones, again in alphabetical order. The disadvantage of this system is as stated above--the expense of the many color cartridges. The advantage is a trip to a cemetery would involve only the grabbing of the cemetery file, or for that matter just the index to the cemetery photos already taken. A search for an individual tombstone would require only a perusal of the individual's file. The general file would serve the usual purposes of total indexes. It could be more quickly searched for a group of individuals than trying to remember the proper cemetery or finding the file numbers to open several individual files. Any comments or better suggestions are most welcome.