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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Where does the time go?

I just noted with horror that I hadn't written in here since 2006. As a result, in addition to my time sheets for work, I made a list of the genealogy stuff I had done here and there. This led to a list of my current genealogical responsibilities. Then I could see why I never seem to get to my blog! I just have to make a determined effort to write every day, at least before i go to bed. My pressing genealogical duties include getting an article written for the March issue (yes, I said March) of the newsletter of the Genealogical Society of Rockland County. For some reason, inspiration didn't seem forthcoming this month. As President, I write a regular column. I finally decided to rewrite and improve upon the 20 Don'ts I originally published on this blog. I finally finished the first draft of the rewrite. I am also trying to write some articles advertising our forthcoming programs. I missed step one in this discussion--making sure we have the programs. Equally pressing is completing a brochure for the GSRC setting forth all our programs for the forthcoming year. I have gotten us a table at the Patricia Law Hatcher seminar being put on in a week and a half by the New Jersey and the Bergen County Societies. Rockland is also involved in this day-long event. As we (Rockland) have determined to prepare a new brochure and a new packet for new members, I want to have these items available at this conference. That means I have to complete the copy, send it to our newsletter editor for preparing for print, and wait for her to get it to the printers, printed, folded, and returned, all by April 21st. A few days later we have a table at the NewEnglandCONNects conference in Hartford, Connecticut. My Genealogical Society of Bergen County activities consist of arranging trips. I have done a couple of surveys, talked with various places, and decided what we should do. Now I have to make final arrangements for the next few months. I spend a lot of time on the NGS Home Study Course. This consists of three CDs. A year is allowed to complete each CD. I am on my second extension for the first CD. The work isn't difficult, just time consuming, especially with my penchant for perfection. As a result of taking this class, I am in charge of a get-together of all class participants attending the National Genealogical Society annual conference in Richmond, Virginia. Trying to figure out what I should be doing is the hardest part of this activity. A couple of months ago I submitted my application to the DAR. Today I learned that I need a couple more items to complete it. I have the items; I just need to remember to bring them to work and fax or e-mail them. On a related topic, my four grandchildren (who now live with me) are all very anxious to join the CAR. Most excited is the 4 year old. She will be the most happy when my application is finally approved and I can submit the CAR applications for her and her brothers. There is a joint DAR/CAR meeting Saturday in which all four will be participating. My correspondence of the day included a couple of smaller items: upcoming conferences for the Palatines to America and the New York Historical Society. The Palatine tricentennial is forthcoming in 2010, and--you guessed it--I am on the committee. Tomorrow I will check my tasks list and see what pressing matters I didn't deal with today. Hopefully I will get more homework done when I go home tonight. I stayed at work to do my writing, as it is calmer than with the four kids wanting grandma's attention. I love having them, but they are another time user. Now that I wrote this I don't feel quite so bad that I seem to accomplish very little geneaogy in a day. If I didn't have to work for a living, I might maybe have enough time, but i wouldn't have a roof over my head, so that wouldn't help anything. Tomorrow i will try to write about real things.


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