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Saturday, June 24, 2006


I have recently joined a few lists on rootsweb. The most active of those I joined are Rockland County, Dutchess County, and Dutch Colonies. All 3 mainly discuss Dutch families. I read them, check my database to see if I have the name, and then go on. Today, however, I found out why I bother.

A couple of days ago I had answered a post about an Evert Pels and his wife, who are my direct ancestors. They are not well researched lines (by me at least) so asked her if she had more information and sources that she wouldn't mind giving me. Today I got her response: about 40 pages of information complete with sources. As a matter of fact she went beyond including the sources, she quoted them!

With this goldmine I took a break from Phillips and Knapp collaterals and did some of my own work for a change, Pels work naturally. The Pels family married into the Van Wagener family. My 3G grandmother was Eliza Van Wagner--her father had shortened the surname. Evert Pels is a 9G grandfather. Another 9G grandfather is Aart Jacobsen, the Van Wagoner immigrant. The two families intermarried so much that I have had difficulty getting the correct families between these 2 9G grandfathers and my 4G grandfather Jacob Van Wagner. That problem wasn't resolved, but I learned a lot more about both families in the 17th century, and got the names of my 10th and 11th great grandparents in the line of the wife of Evert Pels, Jannetje Symens Floriszen. Her grandfather was born in 1560. I've spent all day, and only gone through the shortest document I was sent. I can't wait to start reading the long one! That is the one with the sources quoted, so I will study it intently.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I recently found out that Evert Pels is also my ancestor. Would love to have access to your information.

2:46 PM  
Blogger his gene, esq. said...

Hi Nancy,

Would love to give you the information I received. Write to my e-mail, BarbaradeMare@yahoo.com

11:50 PM  
Anonymous SueHawes said...

My line of descent from Evert Pels is through his daughter Maria who married a Arie Roosa. After that,their daughter Arriantje married Teunis Oosterhout and then on down.

Do you have this line through Annetjen Oosterhout who married Cornelis Hornbeck?

10:25 PM  
Blogger his gene, esq. said...


Have you read:
Robert W. Hull, ""Proving the Nine Children of Arie Aldertsz Roosa of Kingston" The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, vol 137, No. 1," January 2006, pp. 31-39.

9:28 PM  
Blogger Jean Boutcher said...

All of my father's ancestors came to Nieuw Amsterdam in 1600s. Evert
Evertszen Pels is amongst them. I have some photos of the places where Evert resided in Amsterdam
near the old church facing the port.

1:24 AM  
Blogger his gene, esq. said...

Hi Jean,

Would you be willing to share the pictures? I don't know whether or not pictures can be posted here, but you could send therm to my e-mail: BarbaradeMare@yahoo.com


9:52 AM  

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