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Thursday, June 15, 2006


I had the strangest experience Sunday afternoon. I went with a few others to visit Bob Phillips, an old man who still lives in Stony Point, and knows a lot of the family history. Fist thing he said was that he had a letter from Barbara someone outlining many of the heirs of Thomas Phillips with dates of birth, death, etc. When his wife brought it to me to look at, my eyes almost bugged out of my head. It was a part of Grandma Ferry's DAR application. The affidavits, etc., proving the Revolutionary Service were not there, but there were about 10 pages of family history which I had seen many times.

The document was sent to Mr. Robert Phillips by Barbara Robinson, 139 Pelham Island Road, Wayland, Massachusetts. The postmark was Boston, Mass, 22 Sept. 1978. All my siblings are listed except my youngest sister who was born in 1959. The notes and newspaper clippings are transcribed, and my Aunt Jay's notes and grandmother's notes are transcribed.

Does any body have any clue who this person may be (or have been)? I would love to contact her if she is still around. It would be nice to have some clue of her identity first, though.

Thanks, Barbara


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