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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Mystery of the Parentage of John Sanderson: Part II The McCormick Genealogy

Another family historian of the same era gives a different wife for William and thus mother of our John Sanderson. Although this book (the "McCormick book") deals primarily with McCormicks, it also contains a large section entitled "Alexander Sanderson and His Descendants." (pp431ff)

Ancestry according to McCormick book[1]:

"I. Alexander Sanderson.

"Emigrated from Scotland to America, and settled in Middleton Township, Cumberland County, Pa. "Previous to 1750, as is shown by the tax-lists, he was an elder in the Presbyterian Church at Dillsburg, York County, which church is known as 'Old Monanghan,' because of its antuquity, having been organized previous to 1745. "His will is dated Feb. 20, 1760, proven Dec. 11, 1760, and is on file at Carlisle, Pa. In it he appointed Patrick Watson, his brother-in-law, as guardian of the three younger children, James, Margaret and John, who were minors at the time of his death. He also directed that, should his som William die in his minority, the land bequeathed to him in Sherman's Valley should pass to his (William's) brother Alexander. He also appointed his son, GEORGE SANDERSON, and John Stewart, executors, and these duly administered his will. "He married (possible as a second wife) Jean Watson, who survived him and was a legatee.

"Had Issue: "a. George Sanderson

"B., 1712 "D., 1797 "M., 1, Miss Ross. "2, Jean Aitken

"b. Alexander Sanderson "B., 1714 "D., 1803 "M., Mary ________

"c. Barbara Sanderson "d. Martha Sanderson

"e. William Sanderson

"f. James Sanderson

"g. Margaret Sanderson

"h. John Sanderson B., 1751 D., in Middle Township, 1797


"Son of Alexander Sanderson. "B., 1712 "D., in Middleton Township, 1797

"On Dec. 12, 1759, his father deeded him 189 acres of land in Middleton Township, two miles from Carlisle, Pa., bounded by Conodoguinet Creek and lands of his brother, Alexander Sanderson. "His will is on file at Carlisle, Pa., dated Nov. 11, 1775, proven May 22, 1797. In it he bequeather to his daughter, Martha Sanderson McCormick, one-fifth of his estate. "George Sanderson married, 1, Miss Ross, daughter of Thomas Ross.

"Had Issue:

"1. Robert Sanderson

"B., 1738 "D., 1803 "M., Mary _______

"2. John Sanderson "B., 1740 "D., 1799 "M., Sarah McMichael

"3. Catherine Sanderson "B., 1742 "D., 1810 "M., Hugh McCormick

"4. Margaret Sanderson "B., 1744 "D., Jan. 23, 1823 "M., James Elliott, 1768

"5. Mary Sanderson "B., 1745 "D., ______ "M., David Elliott

"6. Martha Sanderson "B. 1747 "D. 1803 "M., Robert McCormick, 1770

George Sanderson married, 2, Jean Aitken No issue.

"1. Robert Sanderson

"Son of George Sanderson

"Grandson of Alexander Sanderson

"B., 1738 "D., 1803

"ROBERT SANDERSON lived about two and a half miles northwest of Carlisle, adjoining the Meeting House Springs graveyard. He owned the farm on the north side of the creek, known as the Mill Place, which adjoined lands, that were occupied in 1737, the earliest on that side of the stream in that locality. "In his will, dated Oct. 16, 1803, he refers to his mill adjoining the lands of John Sanderson.

"M., Mary___________

Had Issue: "a. William Sanderson

"B., ________ "D., ________ "M., Rebecca Randolph, Dec. 26, 1786

"b. Jane Sanderson

"M., ______ Howling

"c. George Sanderson

"d. Alexander Sanderson

"e. Martha Sanderson


"Son of Bobert Sanderson "Grandson of George Sanderson "Great grandson of Alexander Sanderson

"B., ______ "D., ______ "M., REBECCA RANDOLPH, Dec. 26, 1786

"The record of this marriage is found among those of the first Presbyterian Church of Carlisle, which was built in 1757. The name of Rebecca Sanderson occurs in the list of communicants Dec.3, 1816, and also in the list of Dec. 3, 1817. Her will is dated Feb. 7, 1824, proven July, 1825.

"William and Rebecca Sanderson had issue:

"1. John Sanderson "2. Sarah Sanderson

"3. George Sanderson "B., 1792 "D., 1851 "M., Peggy ________ "4. Elizabeth Sanderson "5. Anne Sanderson "6. Frances Sanderson "7. Mary Sanderson "8. William Sanderson

"On June 3, 1805, John and Sarah Sanderson, minors above the age of fourteen, asked the court to appoint William Drennan their guardian, and on the same date George, Elizabeth, Anne, Frances, Mary and William Sanderson, above named, and grandchildren and legatees of Robert Sanderson, petitioned the court to appoint James Griffen, of Middleton Toewnship, their guardian.


Alexander1 Sanderson (--1760) and Jean Watson

George2 Sanderson (1712—1797) and ? Ross

Robert3 Sanderson (1736-1803) and Mary ?

William4 Sanderson and Rebecca Randolph (Dec. 26, 1786)

John Sanderson--is this our ancestor who married Sophie Carre?

Disagreement comes with the identity of the wife of WILLIAM SANDERSON, the mother of our JOHN SANDERSON. It should be noted, as is highlighted in each generation above, that every generation has a John Sanderson, and most also have a William and a George. Therefore the name John alone is insufficient to identify our ancestor. The mystery is, who are the parents of our John Sanderson?

As the secondary sources give us different answers, we must go the primary sources to try to solve the mystery. But first, in our next instalment of this saga, we will more carefully define the issues.

[1] Leander James McCormick, Family Record and Biography (Original publication Chicago: 1896; digitized Provo, Utah: MyFamily.com, Inc., 2005), pp. 433-438


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm assisting in writing a biography of the late naturalist, author of 26 books, World War 2 spy, and media personality, IVAN T. SANDERSON (1911-1973), Edinburgh, Scotland, but lived in England and USA for most of his life, in New Jersey, to be exact. Ivan's personal documents (housed as APS) had a photo of Anna Virginia Sanderson, Dau of John Sanderson and Sophie Carre. We are trying to follow up on the "rumor" which circulated among IVAN's coworkers at the time he was living, that Anna Virginia Sanderson was IVAN'S cousin. To begin..ALL known members of IVAN SANDERSONS family line were born in Edinburgh, Scotland. However, due to the PHOTO and the rumors, we suspect that a few Sandersons from his line in Scotland, may have come to America at some point. If anyone would like more information on IVAN SANDERSON line, or has more information to share regarding the JOHN SANDERSON line, please send me an email at the following address: lsue@tds.net. BTW, I am enjoying the historical significance of this BLOG, and will keep you on my radar. LIN

10:00 AM  
Blogger Lin said...

I've just gone back into this blog to check the appropriate box to receive any emails to follow-ups from this email. Lin

10:09 AM  
Blogger his gene, esq. said...

I hope you found it. I have done more research on this family which I should add. All I need is more time in my life.


11:03 AM  
Blogger Lin said...

Hello Barbara,

We are still looking for that connection. We know that our Ivan Sanderson's father was Arthur Buchanan Sanderson, and Arthurs father was Arthur Sanderson, and his father was Mark Sanderson, son of Capt Mark Sanderson. There are many with surnames of James, John and William. They can all be found either U.K. Census, or on documents from Scotland's People. There are many male Sandersons from each of the lines. Our Ivan came to U.S. and settled in New Jersey, but also had an apartment in New York. Ivan spoke of having cousins living in the area, but his "business" kept him so busy that he didn't see much of them, except for one PHOTO which has clued us into a possible connection. Another clue left from Ivan's comments is that many of his cousins living in the U.S. WWII. Many records to sort through with the Book Publisher breathing down the author's neck. His deadline is September. Publisher is really excited about getting the book "out". The family background is only a small part of the biography, but we must be accurate. Your site is very helpful for clues of where not to go, and for possible clues to follow up.. YOU have done a terrific job on your BLOG, just stimulating conversations. I'm sure you could use a lot more time in life... THANKS. Lin

4:15 PM  

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