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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

PHILLIPS-KNAPP WEBSITE & Organizational Woes

I have been busy creating the new Phillips-Knapp website, so had little time for anything else. The URL for the site is:


I hope this entry comes out correctly. I have no idea why the last one refuses to format properly.

My niece Polly was here for the weekend, so we started another massive reorganization of my genealogy room. First stop: Staples. They had a floor model bookcase for $25, so i took that. Also got 6 milkcrates, and some plastic drawers which roll so I can organize the current research in a more orderly manner than my piles. One set of the plastic drawers is chuck full of my maps. Keeping them in a notebook just didn't work. That leaves me the other one with six drawers for my current printouts and other misc infomation which piles up on my desk.

I used one of the milk crates for unfiled books. That way maybe the cleaning lady will keep her hands off them, and I'll get them entered on the computer before they are lost. I don't shelf books until I record them in my library list, but the floor piles don't stay very neat, and i buy faster than I can catologue. In addition to catologing by author and subject, I am going to have to list each book on my map of my room so I know exactly where they belong when they are taken out. The shelves are roughly divided by geographic area, but when I buy and shelf new books things get moved, and I can't find them again. I just have to be sure to readjust the map whenever I shelf. No wonder I get little research done--I am always organizing!


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