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Sunday, November 12, 2006


I am printing here the beginning of my Howe Research Journal. Although this is only the second draft, so the writing could use a great deal of improvement, I believe the facts are here.

Identity of Lebbeus Howe

The 1880 census lists two Lebbeus Howes; one in Fishkill, Dutchess County, with the right ages to be our ancestor and the other in Sharon, Connecticut. I have a Lebbeus Howe #248s-iC8, born 5 Oct 1781, a nephew of our Lebbeus. He is a son of Charles #248s-i, brother of our Lebbeus, #248.

John Howe5 (1719-1778) & Martha Thomas (1721-1797

Charles Howe6 (1741--) & Elizabeth Reynolds (1736--), of Greenwich

Charles7 Howe, Jr. (1777--1849)

Lebbeus7 Howe (1781--)

Lebbeus6 Howe (1755-1834)

Lebbeus7 Howe born 5 Oct 1781, would have been 18 at the time of the 1800 census. The census shows 1 male aged 16 to 25; a female under 9 and a female 16-25. This could very well be Lebbeus7 son of Charles6 with a wife and infant daughter.

I do not have a source listed for Lebbeus7, but it was probably Johnson, Ancestry of Margery Ruth Howe, as that was the source of much of my early information. His accuracy is doubtful, apparently due to carelessness, as will be shown below.

Where did Lebbeus6 live?

According to Johnson, Ancestry of Margery Ruth Howe, John Howe5 (1719-1778) and Martha Thomas (1721-1797) were born in Greenwich, Connecticut and died in Florida, Orange County, New York. Their children, except for Charles6 (248s) who was born in Greenwich, are stated by Johnson to have been born in Florida, Orange County. This includes Lebbeus6 (#248). Johnson further says that all the children of Charles6 (248s-i), including Lebbeus7 the nephew (#248s-iC8), were born in Florida, Orange County. I have no further information on any of the children of John5 and Martha to give us clues as to the true birthplace except for Charles6 and our Lebbeus6.

Lebbeus6 Howe

Lebbeus6 appears in Frederickstown, Dutchess County, in the 1790 census when he would have been 35 years old. Thus he was born too early for the census returns to be of help in determining his place of birth.

Lebbeus6 is enumerated in Fishkill, Dutchess County, in all census returns from 1800 through his death there in 1834. He is buried in the Community Ground in Leetown, Dutchess County according to Poucher, Old Gravestones of Dutchess County. I have visited this cemetery which is totally overgrown with few headstones visible. Poucher does not give a place of birth, and the headstone does not appear to be extant.

According to his Revolutionary War pension file Lebbeus6 was married 17 October 1780 in Frederickstown (which was later known as Carmeltown), Frederickstown was near Red Mills in what was then a part of the South Precinct of Dutchess County, now Putnam County. Hence by the age of 25 he was residing on the eastern side of the Hudson River.

Charles6 Howe:

Johnson, Ancestors of Margery Ruth Howe, #2 (p.18), states in reference to Charles7 Howe, Jr.:

"In March 1797, he married Sarah Overbaugh in Florida, NY. Eleven children resulted from this union. . . . The first five children were born in Florida, the others were probably born in Schoharie, New York.

"Charles was a Baptist minister. He preached in Florida and in the Amsterdam, Montgomery area (Schoharie among others) for a number of years. Then, in 1832, he moved to Perinton, Monroe, New York where he preached in the Perinton, Pittsford, and Macedon churches, all in Monroe County.

"He died in Perinton on 20 April 1849 at the home of his son. His wife, Sarah, died there on 27 January 1855."

Johnson may have Florida, Orange County and Florida, Montgomery County, confused. The latter is in the Amsterdam area, between there and Schoharie. Thus Montgomery County seems more likely.

Returning to John5 Howe #496 (1719-1778) and Martha Thomas #497 (1721-1797), we find few other clues. Uncle Bill claims this John Howe was born in England in 1712 and emigrated to America in 1745. Johnson, Ancestors of Margery Ruth Howe, gives information entered on FTM. From Johnson:

"John How (8), the son of Comfort Finch (17) and John How (16), was born on 4 June 1719 in Greenwich, Connecticut.

"He married Martha Thomas (9), probably in Greenwich, CT around 1740. After the marriage the couple settled in Florida, Orange County, New York, and had ten children there. . . .

"John died in Florida on 10 March 1778. His wife died there on 19 June 1797."

The 8th child was our Lebbeus6. The problem with all the children is that baptismal dates are given—no birth dates. This would be fine except that the church in which these baptisms allegedly took place is not stated and has not been found as of November 11, 2006. As of this date records of churches in and around Florida, Orange County, have been consulted. Montgomery County records have not been examined. Of further interest—their grandson Charles7 was a Baptist minister, and the Howes were said to be an old Baptist family. This would seem to preclude infant baptism, although in the early days some Baptist churches did baptize children.

The entry for John5 and Martha was also the earliest mention of Florida, Orange County. If they indeed moved to Orange County, then the birth of their children there would make sense. However no other evidence that this is the case has been found. Indeed, Johnson himself cites Daniel Waite Howe, Howe Genealogies, as his source for information concerning John5 Howe. The Howe Genalogies, #47 on p. 422, states:

"They lived in Florida, Montgomery Co., N.Y., where he died 10 March 1778. She died 10 June 1797." Thus Johnson has not correctly followed his own source in putting John Howe in Orange County.” (emphasis added)

Apperntly Johnson was unaware that there are two towns named Florida in New York State.

Monroe County, where Johnson says that Charles7, Jr., died, could add to the confusion. Rochester, New York, near Lake Ontario, is in Monroe County. However there is another Rochester, New York, in Orange County. Perinton and Pittsford are indeed in Monroe County. Macedon is in Wayne County, which is near Monroe. The first church there was Baptist, and was organized in 1800.[1]

French, Gazetteer of New York, p. 181, adds another Baptist component to the mystery. It says that Hawleytown, a hamlet south of Binghamton on the Pennsylvania border in Broome County, New York, was settled in 1787 by emigrants from New England. It then continues “The first religious services were conducted by Rev. Mr. Howe, (Bap.), in 1788.” Southern Broome County is closer to Florida in western Orange County than to Florida in Montgomery County. By the age of this Rev. Mr. Howe, he could not have been Charles7 Howe, Jr., #248s-iC8, (Charles Howe #2) stated above to be a Baptist minister, as he was born in 1777. Johnson gives no occupational information for Charles6 Howe (4), but he is the one whom Johnson says first crossed the Hudson to the western side. Of course this Rev. Mr. Howe could be another family altogether; French gives no Christian name for him. Nevertheless, he is Baptist, thus lending more credence to the belief that the Howes were Baptists from an early date.

Howe Caverns

Is this Howe related? He is in the right area—Schoharie County near Montgomery.

[1] French, p. 692


Blogger VanLori1952 said...

Wow, this show what a Newbie I really am doing research and I've been at this for five years. LOL Thanks for writting down your process thinking. It really helps me to understand how to come to some of my own conclusions and not depend on other's work.

2:16 PM  
Blogger his gene, esq. said...

At one time about a year or two ago I became discouraged and thought that there couldn't possibly be anything new out there to be found with so many researchers and journals. Then I made my Sanderson discovery. So now that I know there is plenty left to be confirmed, and plenty of it wrong, I am back on a roll--between working, babysitting for my 4 grandchildren, and myriads of activities such as genealogy societies, Rotary, DAR, etc. A spare moment is hard to find. When I do fins one I try to escape to my cousin Chip's house for the weekend where I know genealogy conversation will be appreciated, we will have fund doing field work, and the company is insurpassable.

3:43 PM  
Blogger ottlaw said...

This is a late comment to your Lebbeus Howe postings, but I have some information on other decedents of his, if you are interested. An interesting family history.

8:15 PM  
Blogger joseph fremante said...

Trying to solidify my speculations when it comes to Lebbeus Howe, Bear with me..

Katherine Ridgeway married Shadrack Williams in the late 1820's after he got her pregnant in 1926 when she was age of 12, Shadrack was approximately 22 years of age... On 1840s's census Shadrack shows up as Head of household with a male (Daniel Williams) under five years of age And a female 15-20 (Katherine Ridgeway)..

Now with concentration on Katherine Ridgeway and where she came from. Being that she was only 12 years old at the time Shadrack and her hooked up (this is the best way I can put it) she probably had lived in that neighborhood.. In the 1840's census as the census taker went from house to house there was a Ridgeway a few houses down by the name of Allanson Ridgeway born about 1803 And perfect age to be Katherine's father.. In the same census was a homeowner by the name graham Ridgeway Who is also qualified to be her father, but was not in close proximity and They might be Brothers from Isaac Ridgeway, but that of topic..

So because census in kent n.y didn't list family members individually until 1850 there is a good chance that Katherine Ridgeway is the oldest daughter of Alanson And
Pliana "Howe" Ridgeway Who moved their family and ended up in Pennsylvania of course without Katherine.. And since pliana was the daughter of Lebbeus Howe I guess I'm trying to see if I can get any help moving from speculation to any confirmation..

My email; jfremante@aol.com

12:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

2:04PM March 26,2017
I am looking for my ancestors that Gramma Bessie told me about.Alanson Ridgeway and his wife Plianna Howe.I hope I have stumbled on them in the Putnam County where my gggGrampa Newell Chamberlain Ridgeway was born-Kent 1833, died Middletown, Orange, NY-Tuesday May 14 at about 12:30.Obit. -The Tri-State Union, Vol.LVIII, No. 21, Port Jervis, N.Y., Thursday, May 21, 1908, Pg 9" I am so happy to find your shared facts to help confirm this. Now to look up and confirm possible Isaac, James and others-brothers, Allen Benjamin Ridgeway,brickmaker,"Charles Wesley Ridgeway of Scranton,Pa,Alexander, farmer of Pa, and Palmer-residing in the West"- from the Middletown Times-Press.

2:34 PM  

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