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Sunday, October 29, 2006


In the fall of 2005, while in pursuit of the burial place, maiden name of wife #2, and other such information concerning the illusive Mathew Chapel, I noticed that there was a Sarah Chapel who had been buried in Stuyvesant, Columbia County, New York, in 1828 at 72 years of age. Mathew’s mother was Sarah (Smith) Chapel. Her husband, Richard Crignon Chapel, died in 1825, and the whereabouts of Sarah thereafter were unknown. Could this Sarah be his mother? The age was the same.

When in Salt Lake City in 2005 I researched all the Columbia County cemetery books, and found out all I could about each female Chapel buried in Columbia County. There was Sarah Chapel, as described above. There was also a Sarah V. Chapel. From her marriage record and age at death I was able to eliminate her as a possible mother of Mathew. There was also an R.E. Chapel, who I eventually identified as a female, wife of “Abel Squire.” Nothing was found to rule out Sarah Chapel age 72 as the mother of Mathew. I reasoned that Sarah could very well have moved to Columbia County to be near her son after the death of her husband. My research in Salt Lake City can be summarized as follows:

5. Sarah Chapel:

a. Columbia County Master Cemetery List Ca-Cl, by Lawrence V. Rickard. Shows burial of 3 Sarah Chapels. Are any of these Mathew’s mother? There also are burials of Mary J. Chapel and R.E. Chapel. Is R.E. Sarah’s husband? Is Mary J. the daughter of Mathew and Catherine of that name?

i Mary J. Bk 32:47 ChathamUnion Cemetery

ii Mary J. Bk 42:23 Chatham

iii R.E. Bk 13:112 Old Stuyvesant Cemetery

iv R.E. Bk 35:49 Butler Cemetery, Stuyvesant

v Sarah Bk 13:112 Old Stuyvesant Cemetery

vi Sarah Bk 32:14 Old Cemetery at Stuyvesant

vii Sarah Bk 35:3b, 49 Butler Cemetery, Stuyvesant[1]

b. Deaths, Marriages and Miscellaneous from Hudson, New York Newspapers; Vol. 2, Marriages; p. 20: Chapel, Edward A., New London, Conn to SARAH V. PINKHAM, this city (Hudson) 5.27 (6.6.1846) Rev. Waterbury

c. City of Hudson Burying Grounds Interments 1829-1873, p. 118: CHAPEL, SARAH V., born Hudson, consumption, married, 33y 11 m

d. Deed records City of Hudson 1785-1825: index:

Searched Grantors surnames for Chapel:

i L. 46 p. 443 (1872) Edward Chapel et al bankruptcy

ii L. 51, p. 172 (1873) Edward Chapel and wife Sarah sell property in bankruptcy to Hiram Shook

e. Other Columbia County burial records found:

1. Arthur C.M. Kelly, ed., Old Gravestones of Columbia County, New York (Rhinebeck, New York: Kinship Press):

Town of Kinderhook, p. 85:

“Catherine, w of Mathews d. 8.22.1853 63 yrs.

Town of Stuyvesant, Old Stuyvesant Cemetery, p. 107:

SQUIRE R.E. CHAPEL, w. of Abel d. 5.03.1829 38yrs.

“Cemetery” in village of Stuyvesant:

CHAPEL Sarah d. 1828 a. 72 y.

2. Gertrude A. Barber, comp., Gravestone Inscriptions Columbia County, New York (1937)

Vol. 6, Part 3, Hudson City Cemetery:

Chapel, Sarah V w of Capt. Edw. A Apr 1, 1859 33y 11m

Vol 5, Part 2, City of Hudson, p. 39:

Edward Chapel 1869-1920


SARAH V. CHAPEL is the wife of Edward A. Chapel of New London, Conn., who went bankrupt, then moved to Suffolk County, Mass. Sarah V. Chapel died of consumption at age 33 y 11 m., and was buried in Hudson City Cemetery. She is not the mother of Mathew.

R.E. CHAPEL is the wife of Abel Squire. She died on 5.03.1829 at age 38, and was buried in the Old Stuyvesant Cemetery. She is not the mother of Mathew.

As R.E. Chapel and SARAH CHAPEL are both buried in Butler Cemetery, this Sarah is probably not the mother of Mathew.

The SARAH CHAPEL buried in the Old Cemetery at Stuyvesant in 1828 at age 72 could be the mother of Mathew.

I attempted to see and read the tombstone in the Old Cemetery in Stuyvesant on March 4, 2006, with my niece Polly. According to a description of the location of Columbia County cemeteries, the cemetery in which Sarah is buried is in the village of Stuyvesant on route 9J just below the Catholic Church, on the west side of the road, and fenced in by an iron fence. We discovered that the church was not and probably never was a Catholic Church, but rather it is the Stuyvesant Reformed Church. The iron fence iron fence no longer exists. The best landmark for finding the cemetery is a State of New York Education Department historical landmark sign for Benjamin F. Butler located right in front of cemetery. It was so cold and windy standing above the Hudson River that we didn’t find Sarah’s stone, although we did find the cemetery. We also realized from the historical marker that this was probably the same cemetery referred to as the Butler Cemetery.

While looking for the cemetery Polly and I also toured the general vicinity of northern Columbia County and learned that Stuyvesant is very close to Kinderhook. It was looking more and more like we had found Mathew’s mother. The only nagging doubt in my mind was why she would be near or with her son and not her daughter.

In the early summer of 2006 my cousin Chip (Thomas) Fish and his wife Joan became interested in our family genealogy, and joined the quest to learn more about Mathew. They found Catherine’s tombstone in Valatie and also found Sarah’s tombstone. Although difficult to read, they deciphered it as saying “In Memory of Sarah Chapel died May 3rd in the year of our Lord 1828, 72 years of age." They also searched for the poorhouse burial grounds and found a man who told them there were two burial sites—one in the woods behind the town barn in which the graves were marked by unlabelled wooden crosses, and another in a cemetery on a hill which they found.

Chip and Joan were as confused as I by the fact that the information they gleaned from the historical society was that R.E. Chapel was buried next to Sarah. Why would the wife of Abel Squire be buried by Sarah Chapel rather than with her family? The tombstone of R.E. Chapel was purported to read “R.E. Chapel wife of Abel Squire died May 3rd, 1829, 38 years old.”

I went with Joan and Chip October 8, 2006, to see the stone for myself . The was an upside down headstone lying on the ground next to Sarah’s stone. The footstone was standing, and read “R.S.” Certainly could be R.E. Squire. Our curiosity was building. Fortunately Chip and Joan had there truck, and we were able with the help of their tools to turn over the stone. We eventually made out most of what it said. It definitely started with "In Memory of Ruth Sage wife of Abel Sage." The name Ruth struck a chord--I remembered that Sarah's daughter was named Ruth. Once we saw the Ruth, it dawned on us that Sarah had probably moved to Columbia County on the death of her husband to be with her daughter or both of her children. We also noted that Ruth and Catherine were the same age. But the stone said “Abel Sage” not “Abel Squire.”

The plot was thickening. As soon as we got back to Chip's house, I checked my computer and saw that I had Ruth's husband listed as "Abiel Sage!" The pieces were fitting. Chip went on-line and searched for Abel Sage. He found him born in Sandisfield. Now we wondered whether Catherine was originally a friend of Ruths, and if Catherine was also from Sandisfield? These are the new questions to answer. Any lingering doubt that this Sarah Chapel was not the mother of Mathew Chapel was extinguished, as was any doubt that this Mathew Chapel was not our 3G grandfather.

Chip and Joan had found even more. They had found a tombstone in the Chatham Union Cemetery for Mary J. Chapel, who was the same age as Mathew and Catherine’s daughter Mary J. Chapel. According to her tombstone she had married Albert Ransford, born 14 Feb 1826, died 5 June 1880. They are listed in the 1870 census as residing in Chatham, Columbia County, New York.

[1] The names and Book references are from Columbia County Master Cemetery List by Lawrence V. Rickard, internet preparation by Clifford W. Lamere. The cemeteries are from Rickard and Lamere’s Columbia County, NY Cemeteries and Burial Grounds, which identifies the cemeteries in each book. These resources are available on line. To find the actual cemetery list it is necessary to write to the Columbia County Historical Society for a copy of the Book and page desired. The Historical Society has cemetery books numbered from 1 to 51a. It was in this manner that I obtained the page containing the transcription of the tombstone of Catherine Chapel in Prospect Hill Cemetery, Valatie, New York (#5 above).


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